Our Mission

The mission of the Wisconsin Geothermal Association is to responsibly advance the geothermal heating and cooling industry in Wisconsin.

About us

The Wisconsin Geothermal Association (WGA) is the unified, professional consortium (non-profit) of contractors, manufacturers, design engineers, utilities, educators and others dedicated to the promotion and growth of Wisconsin’s geothermal heating and cooling industry. The WGA encourages consumer and contractor education, and fosters a paradigm of responsible business practices by all its members.

Geothermal systems have been proven to deliver excellent occupant comfort in this region, while saving energy and reducing emissions. The systems take advantage of the earth’s constant year-round ground temperature to provide heating, cooling and hot water in a variety of applications. One of our members in your region can assist you in utilizing this efficient technology. Find a member in your area.

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Geothermal saved us thousands in just a few years on our heating & cooling bill!

Eldon P. Hoody - Happy Geothermal Consumer


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