How to choose a pro

Selecting the HVAC contractor is the single most important decision a consumer will make when deciding to install a geothermal heat pump system. The design, sizing, and installation of the geothermal system is the most critical part of the process.

All heat pump manufacturers make good products. The difference between success and failure solely falls upon the contractors experience, training, and knowledge of how to design and install the ground source heat pump and loop field system. Of course, if the contractor is not providing the closed loop, but rather sub-contracting the loop field to another contractor, such as a well driller, the consumer needs to make sure both companies have the necessary experience, training, and knowledge of design and installation.

Consumers would be wise to make decisions based on the contractors information—such as references, testimonials, experience, and expertise in the geothermal field—versus buying because of the brand name of a heat pump. All geothermal heat pumps that are designed for closed loop applications will work in Wisconsin’s climate. It comes down to the sizing, design, and installation of that geothermal heat pump and loop field that determines whether or not the consumer will save energy, save money, reduce emissions, and reap all the great benefits of geothermal technology.

Download the How to Choose a Quality Geothermal Contractor (pdf) checklist.

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