The Wisconsin Geothermal Association has developed a tool that helps the consumer to select qualified geothermal contractors. It is called the Master Geothermal Installer Program.


Ground Source Geothermal Systems are arguably the best, most efficient heating and cooling systems that can be installed in a structure today.  In order for them to meet their potential, it is critical that they are designed and installed properly.


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Tie-in of a vertical geothermal field in De Pere, Wisconsin


What is a Master Geothermal Installer?

It’s a program that the Wisconsin Geothermal Association developed that help consumers identify expertly trained, highly experienced, extremely qualified and ethically responsible geothermal professionals.

Why was the WGA Master Geothermal Installer needed?

In Wisconsin, there are no state licensing requirements necessary to install geothermal systems, though there are requirements for vertical heat exchange boreholes (including the looping and grouting).

The Master Geothermal Installer program creates a standard by which to measure contractors.

Our livelihoods depend upon systems that are designed and installed correctly!

To that end, the Wisconsin Geothermal Association established criteria to assist consumers in selecting geothermal professionals who are committed to the proper design and installation of geothermal systems.

Master Geothermal Installers are required to have a minimum amount of experience, formal training, and continuing education in the installation of geothermal systems in order to qualify to take a stringent exam, which they must pass before becoming a Master Geothermal Installer. Master Geothermal Installers must also commit to the Wisconsin Geothermal Association’s Code of Ethics and to continuing education.

Vertical Geothermal borefields being installed at Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin, South Post subdivision


Vertical Loop Field Drillers must hold a Wisconsin DNR license.

This only ensures that the boreholes and loops are installed according to NR 812.  It does NOT address the functionality of the system. Furthermore, Directional boring, Trench Systems, Slinkys, Pond Loops, and even Open Discharge Systems are completely unregulated! These systems are entirely dependent on quality and skill of the geothermal contractor.


If you are a geothermal contractor and wish to know more about the Master Geothermal Installer program, please read on!

Designation as a Master Geothermal Installer will set you apart from other installers because it demonstrates your commitment to the proper design and installation of geothermal systems through experience, education, and testing.  The WGA will play an important role in telling the market about the merits of working with a Master Geothermal Installer – in press releases, on our website, at industry events and more.

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