For your home

Geothermal can be an excellent way to bring comfort to your home in both winter and summer. Many Wisconsin homeowners have installed a standard vertical ground loop; those with more land area or ponds have been able to install a horizontal or pond loop. All have enjoyed a large change in their monthly utility bills, which are lower throughout the entire year. And they’ve enjoyed other advantages as well:

Learn about a family saving big on their utility bills with geothermal; read the testimonial.

For your school

Geothermal heat pump systems have seen more success in schools than in most sectors. A school is an excellent fit for a geothermal system because the administration is generally interested in long-term operating savings, the heating and cooling needs of Wisconsin schools are well balanced, and the buildings generally have a large site for convenient layout of the ground loop. Many Wisconsin schools from the north woods to the southeast corner of the State have already gone geothermal. Some additional reasons for this choice are:

Learn about a large school that made the choice to save energy with geothermal; read the testimonial.

For your business

Geothermal heat pump systems not only save energy and protect the environment, they are also good for business. Many Wisconsin businesses have already made the switch to take advantage of many of the excellent benefits of geothermal heating and cooling:

Learn about a business having great success with geothermal; read the testimonial.